Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Evaluating an individuals journey back to work

The Evaluator is currently evaluating a project which has getting people back into work as an aim. Many projects do. The individuals in this project are actually quite far away from the labour market though. They are classed as 'economically inactive' not 'unemployed' in the main and have a number of barriers to starting work.

This project thought, and we at The Evaluator agreed, that an individual may make a lot of changes within the project, although not actually get a job. This should not mean that the impact of the project work can't be counted.

The Evaluator has written a work-readiness road map. A graphic which shows all the steps an individual may need to take to get back to work. It might not be a straightforward route, people may jump up and down a bit, but on the whole - this is the journey back to work for people who are a long way away from the labour market.

This is a really simple evaluation tool to use. This particular project is based on an intensive support model where participants have 1:1 support. Every three months, the keyworker will tick a box to show where the participant is on the journey. That's it - one tick! 

Evaluation with The Evaluator is easy, we aim to make sure our materials are simple and quick and then we do the hard work. This project can show that on average - people start the project thinking they 'have ideas about the job they way' and seven months in - they have 'attended work related training or developing skills in other ways'. The project staff are now using this graphics with participants to show how far they have come too. 

With clever thinking, proper research, and a dash of The Evaluator creativity, we can now show that although they might not have a job yet, the project has made great impact in people's readiness to work.