Thursday, 2 August 2018

Announcing a new project; developing measurable environmental policies

The Evaluator has won another contract; to develop a measureable - and auditable environmental sustainability project as part of the Big Lottery and ESF co-financed Building Better Opportunities national programme.

Recent guidance issued in May 2018 states that;

"The ESF England Operational Programme explains that the objectives of the European Social Fund programme will be pursued in line with the principle of sustainable development, including the aim of preserving and improving the quality of the environment as well as the need to prepare for expected changes to the environment and climate. Sustainable development in the European Social Fund Programme has an environmental focus – to help provide some balance to the European Social Fund’s strong social and economic focus (its main mission)."

The Evaluator is helping Positive Progressions, the North Yorkshire BBO project to write a measurable action plan for it's environmental impact - which can be measured at audit. North Yorkshire is a large rural county and consequently does not have great public transport links. The team delivering the project are part of a much larger office and so traditional measures of public transport usage and electricity bills don't really suit.

The Evaluator is identifying clear and meaningful ways to measure current environmental impact and identifying easy-to-put-into-use ways to minimise this impact. A meaningful and effective policy which shall be monitored quarterly, will soon be created.