Thursday, 6 September 2018

The Evaluator working with In-Situ

The Evaluator has won another new contract and is pleased to announce a new partnership with Artist-led National Portfolio Organisation (Arts Council NPO) In-Situ.

In-Situ was founded by Directors Paul Hartley, Kerry Morrison and William Titley.  It was inspired by a desire to help bring art into the colourful existing cultures in Pendle, Lancashire.  Founded in 2011, In-Situ has created many artworks; events; residency opportunities; and collaborative projects alongside the community.

In-Situ is an organisation committed to 'embedded' practice, working closely with communities over many months and years. The Evaluator is pleased to be working with them and a PHD Student too, to try and come up with a benchmark - a way to measure changing thought processes towards the arts.

It's an exciting time for the organisation - as it moves into a new building and has it's own space to work with. Director, Paul Hartley showed Kirsty Rose Parker, Director of The Evaluator around the new almost-completed building...

Kirsty Rose Parker and Paul Hartley

Pendle Hill, as seen from the car park

Inside the new offices

Original beams have been salvaged for the double height performance space

You can see more about In-Situ here