Sunday, 25 November 2018

Feedback in general

Who doesn't love to get nice feedback? Well here at The Evaluator we love it when people talk to us about our work. So much so, that we are looking at doing our own internal evaluation soon and we will share that here.

So much of our time is spent asking other people what they think we often overlook our own comments.

This is what our latest client had to say about our latest finished project...

Isn't that lovely? We created a theory of change for her in this case and it was a plea for help. They were doing some exciting new work but needed help to articulate it. They needed to explain their project in a more strategic manner and did not have the time or ‘head-space’ to achieve this. We always tell people that ‘a good consultant should make your life easier not harder’.

In other words feel free to ask us anything!