Friday, 2 November 2018

Feedback should be fun

The Evaluator is currently working on a project which is celebrating 100 years of the suffragettes winning the right for women to vote. The project is being run by Ludus Dance and is using movement and dance to explore the stories of Mill Girls and Militants. You can see a taster of the performance on YouTube here

Here at The Evaluator, we like to work with projects to make sure feedback is not only incredibly easy to collect for projects and staff, but does not detract from the project; we aim to enhance the project now and provide information which improves projects in the future.

Inspired by the iconic images of the suffragettes campaigning; shown above, we designed an homage to that and a simple way to ask the performance audience some questions. 

This performance is funded by the heritage lottery fund, and we wanted to know if it was important to talk about this, whether the performance would inspire women to use their vote today, and whether people felt proud of the suffragettes struggle a whole century later. Finally we dared to ask if we have achieved equality. 

We had a great team of volunteers who didn't mind wearing signs and hanging around outside in the freezing cold. Each person had one question on the front and another on the back. 

People who watched the performance were asked to stamp a vote as an answer. They loved it! It was a fun addition to the performance and a lovely way to get people chatting. People told us all evaluation should be done this way. 

Super simple, good fun and a way to get people to answer questions that do well with a gut answer. 100% said yes they will use their vote today by the way - in fact they stamped this quite forcefully to illustrate how passionately they felt about this issue, but the answer to have we achieved equality was a bit more mixed. 

And now we have a motto to work with! It's a bit cheesy, but it's so true.