Thursday, 5 September 2019

The Evaluator working with Stronger Communities

The Evaluator is delighted to announce a new partnership, working with Stronger Communities across parts of North Yorkshire on their new approach to working with rather than for communities; ABCD.

Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) is a way of encouraging people to think about the strengths that they have already got in their lives, their communities and their neighbourhoods and celebrate the ways in which people already create positive change. ABCD is all about connection. Connecting people. Connecting passions. Connecting ideas.

With that firmly in mind, The Evaluator is working on a participatory evaluation, using the skills of the community and working together to explore what is possible in terms of measurement. Initially working on surveys, designed together, to measure hopes and concerns and understanding in the team itself, The Evaluator is really getting to explore the creative side of evaluation in this project.

Ideas currently include drawing maps, asking people what are good questions and designing a workshop to identify what success means to people who are connecting.

There is a lot of common sense in the ABCD approach, which you can find out more about here.

The Evaluator loves a challenge, and this is one. Rethinking every bit of language is just the start!