Friday, 24 January 2020

Working with the National Festival of Making 2020

We are delighted to announce we are working with The National Festival of Making again in 2020.

The National Festival of Making is an award-winning festival with national renown. In 2019 The Evaluator joined the project team to provide quick solutions to capture audience experience in a fast moving, multi-activity, street and venue-based festival.

The festival team were delighted with their final evaluation report explaining “we are using the evaluation so much and receiving incredible comments about the robustness of the data! Thank you so much!” Lauren Zawadzki, Director, Deco Publique

Not only are they lovely clients to work with, they wanted to know what was possible and actually asked us to give them our dream evaluation brief for the festival this year!

You can see more about the festival here. 

Update: March 2020: Sadly the festival has been postphoned due to the Coronavirus outbreak. A full statement is available on the website link above.