Monday, 2 March 2020

Recommissioned for Stronger Families

We are delighted to announce our policy work with Leeds City Council has been recommissioned.

It's always lovely to know that people like your work and want to work with you again. Here at The Evaluator we really do pride ourselves on working hard for current clients. Did you know we are still working with 3 of our original 4 clients? It would probably be 4 out of 4 if a member of staff had not left. Even so, that 75% is something we are really proud of. We know who helped us get started, and we are loyal to our clients. We want to build relationships, and we want them to be long ones. We are trying to transform evaluation services, and one of those ways, is by being so great to work with, people automatically include evaluation, and automatically ask us what we can do for them.

Leeds City Council is the partnership lead for Stronger Families which is a Building Better Opportunities project. These projects are co-financed by the National Lottery Community Fund and the European Social Fund. One of the requirements of the funding is to produce measure-able policies on Cross-Cutting Themes. In this case the policies need to include numbers and show progress towards agreed targets for both Sustainability and Equality.

The Evaluator will again be monitoring and measuring these policies for Stronger Families. We are excited to work together again.