Monday, 23 March 2020

Spring in the 72 Seasons

Would you like to come on an adventure in nature with us? One which can all be done from home?

If the answer is yes, please sign up for Spring in our 72 Seasons project, where we measure your changes in health and wellbeing, while exploring the changes in nature.

In this project there is a new season every 4 or 5 days and we ask you to try and notice the new season. You will be asked to complete health and wellbeing surveys at the beginning and end and short reports as to what you have noticed. In total it takes about 30 minutes of your time over the whole season.

Our current Winter seasonal seekers have told us they feel closer to nature and it's made them look more.

The world is chaotic and overwhelming right now, and many people are stuck at home and anxious. We get that. But nature doesn't. Why not see if this project can help you to get through difficult times?

Sign up here

This project is part of the Pendle Hill Landscape Partnership series of projects. You can see further details here.