We’ll figure it out for you

How do you decide what next? Do you want to transform your projects or organisation from surviving to thriving? We can help. We can figure it out for you.

Let The Evaluator show you what you’ve achieved. Let us help you use your time effectively. Let us evaluate your impact. Let us help you plan what’s next.

We’ll design and implement a high-quality evaluation, presented with an infographic summary, to perfectly outline specific and required impact. We measure everything and pinpoint things accurately.

We will shed light on your organisation, measure your success and enable you to focus your resources and time to maximise impact. With our innovative, quick and easy to understand infographics, and visual evaluation, you can see results at a glance.

At The Evaluator we make it easy to make you stand out, to be one step above, to raise your profile and achieve the funding you’re chasing. With our use of robust quantitative measurements, we excel at figuring it all out for you, using lots of numbers to back it all up. At The Evaluator we always do what we say we will, you can trust us to help you thrive.

Why do you need an evaluator? Here are six reasons why you need independent evaluation, and how it can make you stand out amongst a crowd of funding applications: