Meet Kirsty, our founder and director…

In 2017 Kirsty set up The Evaluator, a company specialising in creative evaluation services, providing evaluation which helps to run projects with information presented by way of a creative and impactful visual story through infographics and all accompanied by a final report.

Her clients include:

  • Lancashire County Council
  • British Gymnastics Foundation
  • National Festival of Making
  • Positive Progressions; a Building Better Opportunities Project

Following a Master’s Degree in Economics from the University of Edinburgh, which focused on efficient resource allocation and working with visual data, Kirsty began her career with charitable work as a Project Manager with Craven College in Skipton, working on and managing a project to raise awareness of Higher Education to young people in the workforce, working with both businesses and educators.

Following a two-year stint as Partnership Manager, where Kirsty managed a range of projects to address vocational reform across 10 schools, Kirsty joined Pendle Leisure Trust, initially as Manager of the ACE Centre and latterly as their Arts Development Manager.   There she gained a broad wealth of experience managing many different projects.  Having previously worked extensively with economic models and statistics, Kirsty found it incredibly refreshing to be working with creative people every day and gained the confidence to explore different approaches to existing problems. Realising that other people couldn’t see how to measure impact in a quantitative way, Kirsty set out to transform the world of evaluation.

Kirsty has a lot of significant professional accomplishments.  She particularly loves how she recently enlisted a team of volunteers to wear voting boards for a suffragette arts performance in order to make the evaluation fit the project.

 “She was so easy to work with, very knowledgeable about the sector and reassuring that the work could be completed in short time-scales”

“Simple, straightforward, honest, hard-working, easy… the work and support offered exceeded expectations”

In addition to her role with The Evaluator, in her spare time, Kirsty also enjoys woodwork, crochet and gardening.  Married and with three boys, Kirsty lives in a former dentist’s, a Victorian house which she is slowly and lovingly restoring.