72 Seasons now open for Summer


72 Seasons is now open for Summer sign ups.

Join us in our beautifully calm and easy nature project. We ask you to fill in some simple online surveys all about health and wellbeing, and then take you on a journey to seek the seasons with us. During Summer we will be looking out for weather changes, plants fruiting and flowering and noticing more of the subtle changes in nature. We will email you three seasons in advance to look out for and then ask what you noticed. It can all be done online, and in your local area. You don’t need to be able to travel far or have a garden, you could take part just by looking out of your windows if you wanted.


Summer sign ups has now closed. 


We look forward to adventuring with you. Please note 72 seasons is a research project and is part of the Pendle Hill Landscape Partnership portfolio of projects.



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  1. Vikki
    Vikki says:

    I live in Yorkshire but am fascinated by your project to map out the 72 seasons of Pendle Hill. Can I ask when the project or any outputs will be published? I think there is real scope for a recognition of the British 72 microseasons to help us all during these challenging COVID 19 times.
    Many thanks

    • Kirsty Rose Parker
      Kirsty Rose Parker says:

      Hi Vikki, thanks for the comment. We are running the project throughout 2020 and we have just started to discuss in detail how we will share the results and how we can get more people involved, so that they could explore their own version of the 72 Seasons. People have told us this year how much it has comforted them during Covid.

      I imagine anything shared will be on here. I know I’m currently writing up what we noticed during Spring and that will be live on this blog in week or so, Winter sign ups will be opening tomorrow and people who are within live/work/visit range of Pendle Hill are welcome to join in.

      Thanks, Kirsty


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