How are you really doing?

The pandemic continues and it has certainly been a tough start to many in 2021. We have felt it ourselves, continually having to make changes, feeling anxious about our health and family and friends, it is not the best situation to be in.

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But, we wanted to reassure you – you might be doing much better than you think. We have designed two instant feedback tools to help you work out how you are doing. Often, we are so close to something, we can’t step back and see what we are doing well. Let us help you figure that out. And, if you’re not, it’s helpful to know that, and be able to try and make some changes.

Firstly, we have a wellbeing quiz. 

This is for individuals, and is designed to be a private experience, so please don’t ask your team to take this and report back. You might want to simply encourage people to take a moment to self-reflect on how they are. And this quiz can help guide them through the process. It should be reassuring or something which makes you think about doing a bit more self care. The average score on this quiz is around 55 – 65%, so if your  score is less than 55% it might be time to step up your self care. Think about things like exercise, relaxation, listening to some good music, watching a funny film, or just going for a nice walk. Try and make time for your own wellbeing.


If you have concerns about your own wellbeing or that of a friend or colleague, try having a read about the five ways to wellbeing. Here is a good starting place. 

Secondly, we have a resilience quiz for organisations. 

This is designed to help you see how you are doing as a workplace. Just be honest and see what you score. It only takes about 3 minutes.


Once you have taken the quiz, see how your score compares?

Score 0 – 30%
Scores of 0-30% show you might want to think what you can do to be more resilient, but it’s perfectly okay to decide to just ‘survive’ in a pandemic.

Score 31 – 50%
Scores of 31-50% show you are negotiating a somewhat resilient path through the pandemic, with some adjustments being more successful than others. It might be worth having a resilient discussion with your team. Encourage them to take this quiz and discuss your scores. Or simply ask yourselves three questions;
1. What are we doing well?
2. What are we not doing well?
3. What could we do better?

Score 51% – 75%
Your organisation is trying new things and positively ‘thriving’. Keep taking risks, communicating well and adapting as the world changes.

Over 75%
Scores of 76-100% – you are resilience experts; why not think of sharing these skills with another organisation? Reach out and see who might need some help or start sharing your secrets on social media and with partners.